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Bamboo enhancing Fauna Biodiversity

Bamboo offers many important resources to animals, including food (seeds, shoots, leaves, insects, etc.), and cover from enemies. There are two main properties that the bamboo provides that attract birds. Firstly, the shoots and leaves provide birds with good nesting material, while the plants themselves are an excellent source of cover, protecting the birds from predators and the weather elements. When you plant bamboo you enhance your local biodiversity.

As you may be aware the well-being of humans is dependent on the sustainability of their environment…

Did you know that Bamboo’s ability to restore degraded land is a particularly important ecosystem service for forests? Its long underground root systems mean that bamboos can bind soil, prevent water run-off and survive even when the biomass above ground is destroyed by fire.

Tropical Birds Slideshow

More photos of bamboo and how it enhances biodiversity in especially fauna like birds and reptiles (snakes). Flickr photo album with wildlife birds in bamboo. Also you can check the iNaturalist profile to see all the identified species of the flora and fauna at Permatree Wildlife Conservation in Ecuador.

This region is one of the very few last remaining MEGA biodiversity hot spots of the planet earth because of its remote location and also its a natural wildlife corridor from the great amazon basin to the Andes Mountains range for the remaining wildlife.

Identified Wildlife on Bamboo at Permatree in Ecuador

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