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GaiaVerso focus is about Holistic Regenerative Ecosystem Design. GaiaVerso is an independent umbrella organization for connected operations.

We are passionate individuals which provide plan, organize and support operations on site in territory. We share a strong dedication to the idea of living a more meaningful and resilient life.

Since 2016, the heart of the organization is the Yantza Farm, a permaculture farm at the edge of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Make yourself familiar with our history aka Farm Activity Log.

Our key focus is Regenerative Ecosystem Design with Permaculture and Bamboo

GaiaVerso Meaning

Gaia is known as Earth Goddess in Greek mythology. We have chosen Gaia also because of the Gaia theory. The Gaia hypothesis, which implies that living organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet. Gaia theory shows that life and environment evolve as a single, coevolutionary process. On Earth, all life is an embodiment of the planetary environment, but the planetary environment is also product of life. Gaia theory and the new biology embodies the circular, metabolic logic of life. The universe brings forth life and mind—but life and mind work to shape the universe. Life and environment are folded back on themselves in a self-referential, evolutionary spiral. Gaia is not a single organism, but a superorganism. 

Verso on the other hand comes from the New Latin phrase “versō foliō” the leaf having been turned. Or the next side of the page in a book. Or the next chapter. *Gaia-Verso* In one word: GaiaVerso + superorganism = org. Equals.

The name GaiaVerso embodies much better the key value of life being a regenerative superorganism, being mother earth, on a holistic level, compared the previous name which was about the permanent tree. GaiaVerso = Holistic Regenerative Ecosystem Design.