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Think Bamboo

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Check Our IG photos @ThinkBamboo for bamboo inspiration use-cases

Since 2016 we have gained broad hands-on experience with bamboo regarding reproducing bamboo, pruning, planting, harvesting and construction with the bamboo house and tiny bamboo house. Bamboos are TRUE multipurpose crops, with over 1500 documented uses. GaiaVerso uses a holistic approach. So bamboo is not only limited to construction, but given much a wider range such an biodiversity enhancer, rapid reforestation, water retention, soil enhancer, agroforestry, micro-climate regeneration, food-crop, etc.

ThinkBamboo is your destination of choice to gain holistic bamboo inspiration with a huge wide array of on-hands bamboo use-cases. Additionally ThinkBamboo provides educational and consulting services regarding to your specific needs.

GaiaVerso Bamboo Videos

YouTube playlist with recorded videos of bamboo. Mostly Gudua angustifolia and Dendrocalamus asper