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Growing Bamboo From Seed

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To grow bamboo from seed, start by soaking the seeds in bowl of water for 12 to 24 hours to help them germinate. Planted fresh bamboo seeds the 31.01.2019. After letting the seeds in a bowl of water for 24 hours, to soak it up. To help germinate. During the first 8 weeks we kept the the soil moist.

BTW: Did you know that bamboo reforestation is a key part of our tropical permaculture food forest setup at Finca Yantza in Ecuador? It helps to control soil erosion and enhanced the soil microorganism as well as produces shade and interestingly the bamboo attracts additional wildlife.

Planting Bamboo Seeds (31.01.2019)

14 Feb 2019 – first germination of bamboo seeds

All-ready 14 days after planting the seeds. Keep in mind we might be in a ideal climate for this. Very high humidity and lots of natural light (near to the Equator). Other people around the world have reported it can take longer. Depending on the local climate environment. The first germination was well visible on the cotton method. Most likely the seeds in the soil did germinate too but we where not able to see it because they where in the soil.

17 Feb 2019 – more changes visible

18 Feb 2019 – Germination Status

18 days germination. First miniature green leafs popping up.

20 Feb 2019 – germination

28 Feb 2019 – bamboo germination status

All-ready 28 days after planting the seeds. As you can see we have tested different methods for the seed germination. From cotton to special germination molds to bucket-taps and tomatoes plastic packaging. All of the method has worked. But the cotton method was not ideal for extraction. The roots of the seedling where very difficult to remove from the cotton and replant into another soil pot. So we do not recommend working with that method should you be interested in germinating bamboo seeds. The best option was with the special germination mold where each seed is place into one of the spaces. Later it can be extracted much easier.

23 days after planting the bamboo seeds

10th March 2019 – bamboo seeds

40 days germination and this is how it looks. As you can see the germination of the seeds worked for about 25% to 35% of all the seeds. We even had a issue with a night rodent maybe a rat who ate some of the seeds. So the seeds need to be in a space with light and far from the reach of any hungry insects or animals.

Transplanting Germinated Bamboo

So we decided it was time to transplanted the germinated bamboo seeds into pots today.

Video: Transplanting Germinated Bamboo


Update 9th April 2019

So after transplanting the tiny bamboo seedling into some smaller pots this is how it looks right now. It sees that the bamboo plants need some time to adapt to the new soil.

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    I was just wondering if you pilled the skin of the seeds beforehand or it doesn’t matter?

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