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Sustainable Lifestyle, Implementation

Sustainable living is a lifestyle on which we have strong focus at Finca Yantza. An Overview of all on-going sustainable lifestyle elements and implementation. 2017. Summary of the Sustainable Lifestyle, implementations so far: (1) Composting toilet (2) Building with local, natural materials (3) Consuming the less as possible amount of electricity (4) Living fence / cerca viva

Growing seeds in sustainably with origami paper pot

  • DIY

Here is a sustainable Do It Yourself way to plant seeds in paper bags instead of plastic bags!

We try to use as little plastic as possible and produce the less amount of plastic waste. This is why we have been trying to find smart ways to replace all the plastic “things” we are using to grow fruit trees from seeds.

When it comes to self-sufficiency, the ability to grow one’s own food isn’t just an asset—it’s a key pillar of a smart framework. Fruit and nut trees are invaluable additions to any food forest, and can add luscious variety and nutrition to your diet.

It’s cool to grow fruit tress and eat a lot of organic healthy fruits and vegetables but doing this without the use of plastic is way much cooler don’t you think?Read More »Growing seeds in sustainably with origami paper pot


Nature: Flora and Fauna of Ecuador. Threats from modernization. Permaculture movement and communities. Permaculture Farms in Ecuador. Seed Savers Network of Ecuador