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Seeking permaculture land

Our goal with PermaTree is, to start our own self-sufficient, cooperative, eco farm, hostel and co-working, co-living space, nature reserve, eco-tourism, reforestation with the aid of the brilliant permaculture principles.

We plan to build natural buildings with adobe, bamboo or whatever makes sense depending where we finally settle. And to work with locals as well as volunteers to build all of those challenging future projects.

We are currently searching for land in Latin America. In Colombia where we currently are, Ecuador or even further north in Central America like for example Nicaragua. The country does not matter so much at the end. More these points: A stable climate, not under 20 degrees temperature, altitude of about 400 to 1400 Meters above the sea level and a little mountain so we can have different micro climates on a hill. A view would be nice and a spring where we can take water from it, all over the year. The water and the fruit trees are some of the most important thing to us!

If you are selling a property, that has already applied permaculture principles, that would be interesting for us. A living ecosystem would be best, or if the property has already fruit trees, that would come very handy. Or if you are selling a part of your permaculture property that would be an option too. To have similar open minded neighbors where we help each other would be ideal.

We like to cultivate all the existing tropical fruits and trees like for example; Papaya, Lemons, Coconuts, Bananas, Cacao, Corn, Potatoes, Avocados, Moringa, and all the other healthy benefits which nature provides. Some chickens, a pig, maybe a horse or donkey for the beginning would be good. One or two Insect hotels for better fruit pollination and honey. No cows and now over breeding at all is planned. For later we’re thinking of having some co-working space for digital nomads or people who likes to join the group for co-living off-the grid.

This is so far the main idea of living off the grid and start to research regenerative lifestyle focusing on nature.

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