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Our GaiaVerso exploration status

Our journey exploring for a suited property for the PermaTree-project has taken us traveling in Central and Latin America. It has been quite a trip so far. The more we travel, the more we have been learning. The better we have been able to focus on what we believe will be we need to be looking for.

It kind of all started while exploring the beautiful Central American country Costa Rica. For us it was clear that it was to near to the US so we started with our exploration first in Paraguay which is one of the least known countries within South America. It’s a bit like the how the Wild West was back in the old days most likely. But climate wise not at all what we where looking for. You can read about our Paraguay Retro Perspective here.

2014, March

All of Costa Rica – 4 weeks exploration

2014, August

Zürich, Suiza -> Sao Paolo, Brasil

Asuncion, Paraguay
Villarica, Paraguay
Nueva Colombia, Paraguay
Paraguary, Paraguay
Filadelfia, Paraguay
Mariscal Estigarribia, Paraguay

Ibibobo, Villa Montes, Bolivia
Samaipata, Bolivia

2015, January to December

Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra -> La Paz -> Lima -> Bogotá, Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia
Santa Marta, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Armenia, Colombia

Cali, Colombia -> Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Esmeraldas -> Mompiche, Ecuador
Mompiche -> Esmeraldas -> Puerto Viejo -> Oviedo
Oviedo -> Guayaquill, Ecuador
Guayaquil -> Quito -> Tena
Tena -> Macas
Macas, Ecuador
Macas -> Quito -> Ibarra
Ibarra, Ecuador
Lita, Ecuador
Mindo, Ecuador


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