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Interview with the Socialpreneurs

Today a video interview was published with the Podcast of Socialpreneurs who are located in Madrid, Spain. The topic of the podcast was the triple impact of Permatree Superfoods.

Have you heard of triple impact companies?

30 Minutes Video of the Podcast interview

Socialpreneurs Podcast Interview with triple impact in the Ecuadorian jungle – Permatree

In this episode we speak with an organization with social, environmental and economic impact in the Amazon rainforest. We spoke with Jago, co-founder of Permatree Superfoods, a person who has gone from working in startups and large companies in Switzerland, to setting up a social company in Ecuador. Jago explains to us how they apply this concept in the jungle and why, he introduces us to the term “superfoods” and finally tells us about his greatest learnings throughout his life.

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