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Another week at Finca Yantza

It is the end of tyoutube the week again, and we are sited down commemorating the success of the last seven days work.

Photo Update:

Video Update: 4×4 going down!

What Did We Do?

  • Brainstorming Ideas For Next Week


  • Tire Recycling Project. (Saturday, 3rd December)

With lots of plastic around the world being dumped on to the streets, water and soil causing pollution, we decided to do a small plastic recycle project on the farm to give you an idea about how you can recycle tires lying around in your compound.


  1. Wash and paint the tire after drying. You could decide to cover it with a piece of cloth instead.
  2. Cut a circular shape from a piece of wood. (Should be able to fit perfectly on top of the tire.)
  3. Put glue on top of the circular wood shape.
  4. Starting in the middle, create winding patterns (in circles), with big string from the center until the edge of the circle.
  5. Place glue on the top of the wheel and settle the bottom of the wood (without string) on top of it. Hold it there till it dries.

And now, you got yourself a recycled tire chair or table :).

  • Repair The Water System (Sunday, 4th December)

Yesterday afternoon, a water pipe started leaking, and we had to close its’ outlet from the water tank. Today afternoon, after buying organic fruits and vegetables from the farm, we did head uphill to fix the issue. It so happened that there was a lot of air pressure, and so we had to open up a couple of valves and also do clean the water

  • Planting Papayas, and making a tire staircase (Monday, 5th December)
  1. The day kicked off with a few nutrition and cooking video shoots.
  2. We planted papaya trees along the way. (From the nursery bed).
  3. We later on constructed a tire staircase.
  4. Porotillo trees, were bought to be planted as a living fence.
  • Steps Towards Building A Community Following

Focused On;

:::::Permaculture practices

:::::Nutrition and Cooking

:::::Recycling projects

Shout Out To Online Global Community Using;

::: Website & Blog (Content & SEO)

::: Facebook posts & engagement (Group & Page)

::: Twitter

::: Pinterest (Infographics linked to Blog Posts)

::: You Tube

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Volunteering In The Amazonas, Ecuador

Infographic: Volunteering In The Amazonas, Ecuador

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