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Tropical Superfoods Grown In 5 Years

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Tropical Superfoods Grown In Less Than 5 Years In Ecuador: Salak (Snake Fruit), Yellow Dragon Fruit, Bananas, Borojo Fruit, Soursop (Guanabana), Breadfruit, Jackfruit, Membrillo, Mango, Cacao, Guayusa, Avocados, Ginger, Sacha Inchi (Nut), Mandarin Lemon, Peach Palm, Uva Amazonica and Rollina Deliciosa (Anona Fam.),

What does innovation mean?

What does innovation mean?
Much is said about entrepreneurship thanks to innovation, its importance in economic development and its value as a tool for creating wealth. Innovation are original ideas that generate value, social or economic, in a sustainable way. When someone innovates, they apply new ideas, products, concepts, services and practices to a certain issue, activity or business, with the intention of being useful for increasing productivity.

Interview with the Socialpreneurs

Video interview with the Socialpreneurs Podcast who are located in Madrid, Spain. The topic of the podcast was the triple impact of Permatree Superfoods.