Master Plan Permaculture-Zone Design Planing Overview

Tropical Permaculture Design Plan

A good tropical permaculture design plan is generally focused on long-lasting, low maintenance, high accessibility while enjoying abundant food supply and the fauna biodiversity. 
Permaculture Zone Design & Planning – Framework to help landowners understand how to organize their property into zones, raise healthy livestock, understand how to irrigate with minimal water, grow an abundant supply of edibles to last the entire year.

Permaculture Knowledge

Permaculture in a Nutshell

Permaculture is a 10,000-year-old technology based on knowledge of our tribal ancestors. It’s not only a sustainable way to grow own food (fruit, vegetables and animals) but an holistic lifestyle and philosophy. We are all visitors of this time, of this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, grow, love… and then return home.
Permaculture is a holistic system with principles and techniques to achieve long-term auto regenerative systems, obviously without exploiting resources or creating any pollution.

Vetiver Grass

Vetiver Grass

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Vetiver gras is one of the key elements for regenerative Tropical Permaculture systems. Documented experience about transporting, growing, transplanting and various use cases of vetiver grass.

As you may know GaiaVerso focuses on Holistic Regenerative Ecosystem Design. Which means in other words explained – We create natural systems which are fully able to re-generate them-selfs automatically. For obvious reasons those smart-systems, take a while to get started depending on the surrounding and the entire system. The base philosophy continue to be the tropical permaculture principles. A good example of a regenerative process would be a reforestation. Where there is a lot of inicial work but on the long-term nature takes care of the rest. Vetiver grass fits perfectly into a Re-generative plant.