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Collaboration outperforms Competition

PermaTree also works with bees that collaborate in the natural process of pollination, favoring the reproduction of the diverse cultivated fruit trees. All is connected. All species are interconnected. Interconnectedness is clearly visible throughout the biosphere: all life depends on the biosphere in order to exist. A very simple example is that flowers need to be pollinated in order to reproduce. The point is that bees and flowers are not separate entities but they are one entity. They’re a flower-bee complex. You can’t have one without the other, they are interconnected, so is all the rest.

Contribute, Volunteering, Support

We are seeking to attract other pioneering individuals spirits, people who want to co-create and are able to put up with some discomfort for the joy of making pioneer transformation work in a remote but accessible organized holistic operation such as PermaTree. You can be part of the development processes. Participate as a volunteer or  join a sub-project workshop and learn from people who share the knowledge. On the other hand, we are always looking for mentors to teach the respective topics which match the specific sub-project. Or visit the farm to get a taste of tropical permaculture in the green. However, there are also other ways how you can collaborate.